10 Unique Engagement Party Ideas That WOW In 2023

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Welcome to the only list of engagement party ideas you’ll need for an epic celebration. Today’s couples are putting a lot more effort and energy into their pre-wedding celebrations, a trend we’re happy to see, and always in search of fun new ways to surprise and entertain their guests.

Look no further. We have top 10 engagement party themes and entertainment ideas right here.

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Best Engagement Party Ideas

Night At The Movies


Take your Netflix game to the next level. Prepare tons of chic horderves like a loaded charcuterie board, Caprese salad crisps, strawberries stuffed with yogurt, and almonds. It’s a movie night, so popcorn and chocolate are expected as well.

High-quality projectors are surprisingly inexpensive these days. Clear out the room and set up a full-wall display of a (short) slideshow of the bride and groom followed by a few of your favorite flicks.

Mimosas go really well with horderves and movie night.

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Cocktail Party


Cocktail parties are especially popular engagement party themes for summer. An outdoor, sun-filled event just feels right.

Of course, you’re going to want to make this event special. It’s a hot trend for couples to serve a signature drink at their reception, so why not give them a head start in choosing by hiring a mixologist?

He or she will teach you everything you need to know about mixing top-shelf drinks complete with all of the spices and garnishes to make your drinks premium level. Make sure to prepare an engagement party songs playlist to listen to while you sample (probably a few too many) drinks and choose the perfect mix for the couple.


Throwing It Back To The Oldies


Couples are loving seeing their TBTs come to life. Chances are, many of your guests are going to be old friends from high school or even grade school.

Get your friends and family to dust off their (depending on your childhood decade) hyper color T-Shirts, parachute pants, neon leggings, or anything else you can’t believe you wore back then.

Make sure that your playlist follows suit. Nothing makes you smile like an awkward trip down memory lane.

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Go Team!


Spending money on an experience that you otherwise would have decided against is a great way to treat yourself. Pre-wedding festivities that involve your favorite sports team, regardless of what you assume, is fun for everyone.

Even someone who’s never watched a game in their life won’t be able to resist the thousands of cheering fans, stadium food and drinks, and the inevitable wave to Gary Glitter’s Hey Song. By the end of the night, you can be sure they’ll be standing on their feet to watch that buzzer-beater. You’ll all be heading home with a great sense of bonding.


Go Camping


Outdoor engagement party ideas are always fun favorites. Grab the gang and hit the great outdoors for a day filled with sun, canoeing, party games, and smores. You want this to be a stress-free casual occasion, so make sure to skip the tent and opt for a fully furnished cabin/cottage rental.

Also make sure to come equipped with enough food, drinks, music, and games to keep everyone entertained the whole night through,

Sunset Beach


Find a beach that allows BBQs for some hot burgers and skewers, and spend your day tanning, talking, and running around. Light a fire when the sun starts to set and surprise everyone with the idea of choreographing an epic dance for the reception.

The best parties always include a little entertainment. After a few drinks, the whole group will love the entire experience.


Party On The Rooftop


If you’ve never participated in a rooftop party, you absolutely must! A rooftop party has this magical way of bringing peace and excitement all at the same time.

The excitement comes from the atmosphere of being at the top of a skyscraper with your private table settings. It almost feels like you’re doing something wrong, and it definitely feels like you’re invisible to the world. When the sun sets, looking out across the massive city with all those lights is a humbling experience.

This is a great setting for any gathering.

Sunset Boat Cruise


Boat cruises provide you with a great way to leave all of your stress onshore. As soon as you set off and feel the wind against your face, a smile overcomes you.

Most cruises have games, entertainment, great music, and a tasty menu.

Shmooze with the other patrons, or splurge and rent your own private boat for the day. Either way, you have plenty of good times and great pics waiting for you.


Country Brunch


A day in the countryside is a great way to celebrate your engagement with your best friends and family. Indulge in a big breakfast and spend your day enjoying calm times and perhaps even a horse ride.

Once the sun sets and it’s time to dance, nothing gets your toes tapping like country music.

Pool Party Fun


Some prep work is required for the perfect pool party, but it’s worth it. Make sure there is plenty of shade, sunscreen, and bug spray so your guests won’t have to worry about the rays.

Also make sure to gather enough food, music, drinks, and games to keep the day complete.

Decore plays a big role too. Make sure to break out the fern leave fans, tiki torches, and mandatory balloons.

How to Plan the Ultimate Engagement Party

Traditionally, the bride’s parents hold the honor of planning and hosting the engagement party. Modern families aren’t exactly traditional, so it’s perfectly fine to skip this tradition and assign the role to someone else. Also, they may turn down the invitation in lieu of another task they prefer.

Regardless, here are the steps that should be taken to ensure that your engagement party goes off without a hitch.

  • Choose a host.
  • Choose a date you know you can stick to.
  • Create a guest list.
  • Research and choose a venue that can accommodate your entire guest list.
  • Create a budget-friendly registry.
  • Send invitations. This is a smaller more intimate group, so emails or a Facebook Event will do the trick.
  • Plan your menu and theme.

Check our infographic about engagement party planning:

Choosing from our list isn’t hard. Just decide whether you want a quiet day with your BFFs or if you prefer a fun-fueled night. The key ingredients are food, music, drinks, games, and experience to bring you all together.