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Fun Engagement Party Games To Make Your Guests Laugh


Making all of your wedding arrangement can take months, sometimes more than a year. Deciding on the dress, the venue, the flowers, the colors, the theme… it can all become a little overwhelming. One part of the planning that’s always fun is deciding on the reception, bachelor, bachelorette, and engagement party games. There’s a lot to consider, so you do have to plan accordingly. You’ll need games for kids, games for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, games for adults, games for older friends and family, and games that offer a little bit of everything for everyone.

You’ll also have to plan a variety of styles of games to keep everybody entertained. Games for engagement party needs to keep people moving. You’ll need a variety of table games and games that will keep you physically active.

Regardless of if you are sitting, standing, dancing, or jumping, the best wedding shower games involve the couple. The classic “Newlywed Game” is the perfect example. Partygoers are asked trivia questions designed to learn which couple knows each other best. These can be questions about your favorite dish, where you first met, what high school you went to, or any small detail that proves you pay attention to each other.

There are many games like this each with the perfect time and place to indulge.

First, check the infographic on how to plan an engagement party


1. Games To Get To Know The Bride And Groom Better

Many party planners have trouble figuring out exactly what to do at an engagement party. Preparing, coordinating, and timing everything so that each event is seamless can be tricky, but the games themselves can be fairly simple.

Start with engagement party games that help everyone get to know each other better, especially the bride and groom. Bridal shower games that bring a twist to classic games are always a hit.

Try Mad Libs themed around the bride and groom or a laugh out loud game of bridal bingo. Another great group game that ends in everyone knowing each other a little better is Who’s Who. With help from the guests, the party planner writes down facts about each attendee. Everyone takes turns reading the fact out loud, and game players take their best guess at which guest the fact is about.

These are just a few ideas, but there are many classic games that do well with a wedding spin. Monopoly? Rename all of the properties to something significant to the bride and groom. Poker? Queen of Hearts automatically wins the hand! Table games and active games are 100% necessary for every engagement party and reception, it just takes a little creativity.

All of these games involve a little prep work and some basic knowledge about the bride and groom. The all promote teamwork, understanding, good spirits, enthusiasm, and fun – everything a healthy lifelong marriage needs to thrive.


2. Competition Engagement Party Games

The reception, the bachelor and bachelorette party all do great with competitive games. Setting teams and pitting them against each other always ends in a laugh.

Guests will enjoy some great friendly competition with some team karaoke. There are lots of ways to having fun scoring this kind of game. Competing teams can choose each other’s songs to make it funny, and the crowd can get involved by cheering on their friends and family. The singers who earn the loudest applause wins!

Battle of the Sexes is another classic competitive wedding game. Lists of gender-based ‘common sense’ are compiled and each team takes turns trying to answer. Men as women questions like “Bosch, NGK, and Champion are all types of what?” and women ask the men to “name 3 different styles of women’s underwear”. Whichever team knows more about the other genre wins. Guests will be shocked to learn how little they really know about the opposite sex!

This spirit can be carried on with a new trend – oversized games! Giant games of chess, connect 4, and Jenga is all the rage right now. These options are perfect for pre-wedding and reception game time. They’re perfect for kids (and kids at heart) and bring out a healthy dose of competition if guests are assigned to teams. Keep track of who’s scoring the most points, and make sure to reward them with your best wedding favors.


3. Table Engagement Party Games

Guests will appreciate the chance to sit down together over a few table games. Trivia, card, and board games are all great options. Your guests, young and old, can all dig in, play, talk, and have a good time.

Mixing in some healthy competition adds a great layer of excitement. Kids vs. parents or men vs. women are always a hit. This is especially true when cards involve prizes (a.k.a gambling) or trivia to prove who’s the smartest.

Common games can be transformed into wedding hilarity just by adding a few theme twists. Trivia games can be seeded with questions about the couple or feature brain teasers about famous couples and romantic movie quotes. Board game pieces can be replaced with small wedding ornaments or offer romance-centric prizes. Something as simple as a game of Boggle can be swung into a wedding theme by only allowing players to find words that relate to weddings and love.

These are all great activities to participate in between the dancing, the toasts, and the dinners. “I do” is the focal point, but weddings are always great fun from the bachelorette party to the reception as long as you plan ahead.


4. Engagement Party Games For Guests To Know Each Other Better

The best wedding games are homemade and focus on the new couple. Classic engagement party games like picture match or Two lies and a truth simply can’t be missed. Not every guest will know each other, and the trick is to find fun and simple ways to break the ice. Making small challenges that involve a little knowledge about the couple is an easy way to go.

Even if you don’t know every intimate detail about the couple, it’s easy to be involved. Advice journals are growing in popularity. This is when guests write down their best wedding advice for the newlyweds to take home with them. Guests have been writing everything they wish they were told before getting married, which can be surprisingly honest and helpful.

Games bring out the best in people. They bring interaction, a little competitiveness, and – best of all – smiles. Weddings are a very significant part of life, and involving all of these components set the newlyweds off to a great start. Friends and family coming together make everything feel special. These games break the ice and make sure that everyone gets to know each other and have fun. More importantly, they make sure that the couple’s union is celebrated and a truly family matter.

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