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Star Wars Wedding Ideas For True Fans


Many have argued that the Force is a metaphor for love, and many have been dreaming of bringing that idea to life via a Star Wars wedding. If you’re going to do this you’re going to want to do it right, and that’s why we’re here.

Read through and find all of the Star Wars wedding advice you need to transport a galaxy far, far away to your wedding venue.

Star Wars Wedding Ceremony Ideas

The most important decision you’ll have to make in order for your Star Wars wedding to come to life is the venue. There’s a drastic difference between the Mos Eisley Cantina, the interior of the Death Star and the treetop huts of Endor.

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A barn wedding, for example, can be easily transformed into the land of Ewoks and Wookies while the Imperial’s March is much more at home in a big, open-spaced formal banquet hall.
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The second most important decisions – which go hand in hand with the venue – are the characters you’ll be evoking.

From there, things get really fun. R2-D2 and BB-8 can be your ring bearer and flower girl. Yoda can officiate. The opportunities are endless!

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But you’ll probably need some structure in order to pull the whole theme together. Here’s what you should consider.


Star Wars Wedding Vows

To keep things organized, consider dividing your guest list into the dark and light side of the force. This theme can extend throughout the entire ceremony and reception. Sith can sit on the groom’s side while Jedi can be seated in the bride’s section.

You can choose individual characters or have each groomsman dressed as imperial guards and the bridesmaids as Princess Amidala’s entourage. Keep the theme going with Deathstar and Millenium Falcon inspired seating arrangements and custom star wars wedding vows.

For example

“My Queen, may the Force be with us as we travel through the galaxy of life. I pledge to never turn to the Dark Side but stand forever in the illumination of our love. I vow to fight the Evil Emperor and I invite you take your place at my side as we rule the galaxy. Take my hand and stand with me for light and justice throughout our lives.”

“My Jedi, my love, I take your hand and accept your pledge. May the force be strong with us all the days of our lives. There is good in you, I sense it. Remain a Jedi and I will stand by you. I pledge to you my love and my companionship as long as I live.”


Star Wars Wedding Decorations

Star Wars cosplay by all the guests sure sets the tone, but for true star wars themed wedding you’ll want the venues to follow suit. Pull this off through inspired decorations.

Our first idea is to hang lightsaber balloons from the ceiling of your reception space. A proper wedding always needs lighting for the mood-setting ambiance so why not make it Star Wars themed. Or DIY by dropping a glow in the dark stick into a long balloon, blow it up, and wrap the end with black tape to make a handle.

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Our second idea moves from the reception to the star wars wedding ceremony. Replace the celebrity red carpet with a length of carpet with custom Star Wars opening crawl (the scrolling text at the start of the movies) which explains the couple’s relationship journey. “In a galaxy far, far away, Jim and Pam met at a cantina…”

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Carry these ideas from start to finish from star wars wedding card invitations to the thank you notes for your gifts.
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Star Wars Inspired Wedding Dress

Plenty of designers have integrated movie inspiration into a star wars wedding dress for the discerning bride. Depending on your taste, style your look after:

Princess Leia – Choose either on or off the shoulder looks. A thicker metallic belt (and optional matching choker) is an identifying feature so make sure that this is included. For over the shoulder options, the cape portion should be flowing but not hit the ground. For an authentic off-the-shoulder princess Leia wedding dress, the sleeves are the key. Make sure that they bell out towards the cuffs and the skirt matches appropriately.

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Notice what all of these have in common? Of course, you’ll have to sport Leia’s iconic earmuff hairstyle.

Princess Amidala – Most of Princess Amidala’s memorable outfits involve a remarkable headpiece, and her wedding scene is no exception. Perfectly intricate embroidery defines the headpiece and continues throughout the gown and pairs perfectly with boho and barn venues.

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For brides looking for a less traditional non-white, many of Padma’s other outfits are super sophisticated and ideal for a princess’ Happily Ever After.

Always consider your theme when choosing your star wars inspired wedding dress. The entire event should be an immersive experience.


Star Wars Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

Unlike the original trilogy, Amidala enjoyed a vast amount of wardrobe changes. Use these fabrics, textures, weights, colors, accessories, and hairpieces/styles to adorn your Star Wars bridesmaid dresses lineup.

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Of course, you could always choose a more attainable bridesmaids gown and rely on clever accessories to pull it onto the world of Star Wars.

Even if the groomsmen are in tuxedos – as opposed to costume – they can theme things up with star wars wedding accessories as simple as stormtrooper cufflinks, lego character boutonnieres, or colorful star wars socks.

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Make sure that your wedding photographer is well aware of your Star Wars theme choices so that she or he can plan some spectacular and dynamic star wars wedding photoshoots.

Speaking of the photoshoot, it may seem cliche but you would totally regret missing the chance to take a few wedding pictures of Darth Vader performing the force choke or other scenic themed wedding photos.

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Star Wars Wedding Table Decorations

With the overwhelming popularity of the franchise, there’s definitely no shortage of merchandise that you can buy for your star wars wedding decorations. Combine a glass bowl and Lego characters to create adorable star wars wedding centerpieces that also identify the table. You can create the same success with bobbleheads. Be careful though, everyone is going to fight over getting seated at the Boba Fett table.

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If you haven’t already used balloon lightsabers strung from the ceiling – you don’t want to overdo it – set up a few lightsaber candles at each table for ambiance. Use Death Star plates or Star Wars printed tablecloths. Whatever your decision make sure it matches your venue theme.
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Star Wars Wedding Cake

You’re probably going to get into a fight over which star wars wedding cake design to go with, there are just way too many good ideas!

Feel free to choose a classic white icing, but consider shaping it as:

  • Han frozen in carbonite
  • The Death Star
  • The Millenium Falcon
  • A character’s (Yoda, Darth Vador) face

If you have your heart on a traditional 3-tier cake don’t worry you’re still in luck. There are plenty of great ideas you choose from:

  • Light side / dark side lightsabers.
  • Unique cake toppers such as Han and Leia or Mr. and Mrs. Yoda
  • Edible printed images of your favorite scenes.

Star Wars Wedding Music

Star Wars wedding music is easy. There are a few scores in these movies that only require a few notes to recognize.

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Of course, there’s not really enough iconic songs to go around to fill an entire evening so you’ll have to select a few hallmark moments like the bride and groom’s walk down the aisle and first dance, or as lounge music for your guests to tap their toes too as the reception hall fills up. Feel free to play music of your choice for the rest of the reception. If you hire a band, however, see if they’re up to dressing like the cantina band throughout their performance.


Star Wars Wedding Gift Ideas

Again, with the movie series being so popular across multiple decades, there’s plenty of gifts ideal for a star wars wedding.

Even if you’ve never heard of Star Wars you’d be hard-pressed to deny that these rings are gorgeous on their own rights. Between nailing it on both design and theme fronts, this pair of rings are the clear winners amongst all of the Star Wars wedding ring options out there.

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The moment is short, but a fan favorite occurs when Leia admits “I love you” for the first time to Han Solo. His cool-guy reply of “I know” remains a memorable moment almost 30 years later. Etch this moment onto a his-and-hers pair of tumblers to give away to your guests or to make a splash at your star wars bridal shower.


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Even though this is a Star Wars-themed wedding, the bride and groom will need some practical items for their life as man and wife. As far as star wars wedding gifts go, a Death Star plant pot bridges the gap between useful and theme perfectly. Use this idea of balance – much like the Force – for all of your star wars themed wedding gifts choices.
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It’s going to be a tough time deciding between all of the great star wars wedding ideas into your wedding but if you segment your choices into different categories like we have today you’ll find the wedding planning process a little easier. Choose an overall theme, plan your outfits and allow the decorations, entertainment, and gifts to fall into place.