Backless Wedding Dresses: The 21 Bridal Gowns

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Backless wedding dresses can be a tricky business. Only a short while ago, conservative traditions told us to steer clear of this sexy option. Is that still the case? Is it poor taste to show your tattoo with a backless wedding dress? What about the seasons, are some out of the question? You want to be yourself, but you also want to avoid grandma busting out the holy water mid-vow.

We hear you. The short answer is that backless wedding gowns are always ok. We are here to answer your backless wedding dress questions and guide you toward your final design choices.

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Tattoo Effect Back Wedding Gowns

This phenomenon alone is enough to convince us that wedding dresses with pretty backs are the way to go! The tattoo effect is when lace and tulle are strategically placed along the back and arms in a manner that seems like your skin has been tattooed with gorgeous designs. Just make sure to test drive a few gowns until you find the one perfect for you.


Sexy Backless Wedding Dresses

Backless wedding dresses are a great way to flaunt your sexuality, and it’s a total alpha move. There’s no chance a set of eyes will be anywhere but on you. There’s also a practical component to this choice; not overheating. Warmer spring and summer weddings can be torture for the bride. A little more air on the skin can go a long way.


Backless Boho Wedding Dresses

A backless boho wedding dress may be more versatile than you think. Experiment with a variety of silhouettes, fabrics, and textures and you will immediately discover just how many different looks you can achieve. Speaking of looks, be prepared. The attention will be all yours.


Pretty Backless Gowns With Sleeves

Backless wedding gowns aren’t inherently sexualized, especially if you relocate the lack of fabric somewhere else, like your sleeves for example. Choosing a traditional gown with lace sleeves and open barely exposes your skin at all, which keeps your modesty intact.

Even if sexuality is your goal, making use of sleeves is a fantastic option. They provide another layer of interest and some of the more flowy options add a lot of drama to your movements.

Backless Beach Wedding Gowns

The beach is a very natural place to show off some skin. With the heat, it’s also the perfect place to choose light, airy, flowing fabrics that will let your skin breathe.

Beach weddings possess the ability to adapt to any wedding theme, so don’t feel as though you have to choose the most basic wedding gown design just because you are barefoot. Be as elaborate as you want.


Simple Backless Bridal Dresses

The simple wedding dress is the Swiss Army Knife of wedding gowns. It’s so versatile that it is appropriate for all ages, seasons, themes, and venues. Adding a simple backless wedding dress feature to this style is an easy way to completely transform the look and feel of the gown.

Low Back Wedding Gowns

Low-back wedding dresses have spring and summer written all over them. Not only are they incredibly sexy, but they’re also practical too. Walking the aisle like you’re a runway model and keeping cool while you’re at it? Not a bad deal. Make sure that you can in advance so that your back’s complexion is even.