21 Groomsmen Attire 2023 Guide + FAQs

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Men have a special task at hand. Groomsmen attire needs to be distinctly nicer than the rest of the guests, but slightly less stunning than the grooms. That’s a tricky balance to accomplish. But, with our groom and groomsmen attire advice and samples, we will show you how to look your best for a variety of wedding themes and seasons. Comfort, modern fabrics and colors, and the evolution of style will all be considered to ensure that not only will you look great, but you’ll also feel great too.

Communication is key to this process. The goal is to mimic or complement the groom’s look so as to come off as a well-oiled team, and to fall within the couple’s expected level of formality. To that end, it’s always best to understand what the wedding theme and venue are, and what the groom will be wearing first.

Follow along and pay attention to the finer details so that the inspiration you collect results in your perfect groomsmen look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color should the groom’s tie be?

How can the groom stand out from the groomsmen?

Do groomsmen wear the same color as the groom?



Elegant Black Men’s Suits

Black is the natural starting point for your search for groomsmen and groom attire. Men almost immediately picture the classic tuxedo when imagining a classy traditional wedding. However, black suits are so closely associated with stern, formal boardrooms and funerals, they are usually only appropriate for certain wedding themes such as evening or winter events.



Turquoise Groom Attire Ideas

Turquoise groomsmen’s attire is a modern take that adds a lot of freshness and vigor to wedding wear. An entire suit made of this color would be an eyesore, but a splash of turquoise on a tie, vest, or pocket square is a great way to establish some exciting contrast.



Grey Color For Groomsmen Attire

Bright white and start black are a little much for many wedding themes. The perfect compromise? Light grey! This tone makes for some casual groomsmen attire perfect for the beach or garden, or any casual indoor venue. The light color provides grooms and groomsmen with some cheer and levity. Accessories can increase or decrease the formality of the overall look.



White Groomsmen Outfits

There’s something about a groom in white at a beach wedding that simply can’t be emulated in any other condition. It’s fresh, it’s powerful yet relaxed, and (best of all) it achieves harmony with the bride’s white gown. The added benefit is that white wedding suits protect you from the outdoor heat extremely well.


Fall Wedding Groomsmen Suits

Fall wedding groomsmen attire always works best when you lean into the color pallet of the autumn harvest and other earth tones. Blues that match the water and sky, greens that match the leaves and grass, burgundy and other hues that match popular harvest fruits and veggies all embody the spirit of the season. The cooler weather also opens the door for heavier fabrics like wool, corduroy, and velvet if you are feeling adventurous.



Rust wedding themes allow for a lot of old-timey fun. The excitement comes from imagining what your grandfather would have worn, but with some modern updates such as higher quality fabrics and natural cuts that form your figure more comfortably. Suspenders are a tremendously popular way to achieve this look. This vintage accessory is making waves, and we recommend you strongly consider this option.


Beach Groomsmen Attire

Jackets are perfectly fine for beach weddings, but if you are leaning in this direction make sure comfort takes priority. You won’t look good if you are suffering. Khaki, tan, or the increasingly popular seersucker are all lighter colors that will keep you cool. Beach wedding groomsmen attire provides a great opportunity for fun accessories like starfish or shell boutonnieres, some nautical ribbons, and (of course) bare feet.