Floral Engagement Rings: 30 Stunning Ideas Floral Engagement Rings

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floral engagement rings

Are you looking for something other than the traditional engagement ring? How about floral engagement rings? These rings are ultra-chic and feminine. As well, they are timeless, romantic, and elegant!

With a slightly vintage vibe, your floral engagement ring will certainly be the center of attention. They are also all the rage right now. And better yet, vintage never goes out of style so floral wedding and engagement rings are here to stay! A cluster diamond ring or flower engagement ring generally consists of a large stone surrounded by smaller diamonds or gemstones to create a unique and romantic floral design.

Floral halo engagement rings are extremely trendy this season. This style of ring has an especially vintage look. Halo rings are a throwback to the Victorian era. With a floral design, this style of the ring takes on a modern edge that is quite appealing for today’s brides.

Floral Engagement Rings

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Vintage Floral Engagement Rings

Vintage wedding ring sets are extremely trendy right now. If you love all things vintage, you will flip for one of these floral vintage engagement rings. Antique and vintage engagement rings can be found in consignment shops and antique stores. However, many jewelers now carry this style of ring as they are all the rage.



Unique Engagement Rings

Would you prefer more unique floral engagement rings? The floral rings can have a stone other than a diamond for a pop of color. Or they can match the center diamond. Express your unique flair with one of these stunning floral rings!



Gold Engagement Rings For You

There is just something about gold and diamonds. These gold floral engagement rings are timeless and true! And there are countless styles! Whether you opt for white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum, a floral design will look splendid in a gold setting!



Floral Setting Designs Engagement Rings

Floral setting and floral band engagement rings feature a center stone surrounded by numerous tiny diamonds. They resemble a flower and some even have delicate leaves adorned with diamondettes or other tiny stones. If you love flowers and want a unique engagement ring, these rings are perfect!



Flower-Inspired Engagement Rings

These flower-inspired engagement rings are truly a work of art. Those who prefer a more dainty and feminine style will love these delicate and artsy floral engagement rings. You will certainly stand out from the crowd sporting one of these flowery rings!


Floral engagement rings are something she will never forget! We hope our gorgeous selection of flowery engagement rings has inspired you to design your own unique vintage floral engagement ring! And one of the best things is that you can make your engagement ring an heirloom piece that you can leave as part of your heritage!