Three Stone Engagement Rings: 27 Unique Rings That Is Perfect For You

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three stone engagement rings

If you are looking for a distinctive and unique engagement ring, then perhaps you will love a three-stone engagement ring. While there are many different designs of the three-stone engagement ring, its main features are three gemstones or diamonds. One center stone with two smaller side stones flanking it.


The stones used for the three-stone engagement ring can be any size, shape, or color, however, round diamonds are the most commonly used. Because of its versatility, the three-stone engagement ring set has some of the most limitless options in designs. Many brides are sure to love this choice for an engagement ring.

Initially, these rings used to be popularly used as anniversary rings, but now they are even more popular as engagement rings. They symbolize a representation of your relationship, how far it has come, and where you and your partner will go together. A timeless engagement ring with a unique history, other names for them are trio rings or trilogy rings. Cool right? Well, we have put together a guide on purchasing and choosing three stone rings, whether you need three stone diamond engagement ring or a rose gold three-stone engagement ring. With this guide, you are sure to make the best choice for your engagement.

3-Stone Rings

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3-Stone White Gold Engagement Rings

There are so many options for the three-stone white gold engagement ring. White gold is a choice for many brides who need something different and more subtle than the bright yellow gold. With a choice for a three-stone design, you have more options for uniqueness. The center white gold can be flanked with two rose gold stones or even with colored gemstones.

When choosing a three-stone engagement ring, usually it’s advisable to know early on if you would want one with gemstones or diamonds or a mix of both. If gemstones, you would need to decide on the type of gemstone and why it appeals to you. While some might be more sparkly than others, some may be more symbolic and closer to your heart.



Oval Engagement Rings

A common option for three stone oval engagement rings is an oval eternity band. Another common feature of this type of ring is that it features half moon side stones to fit perfectly with the oval shape of the center stone. This gives you a most unique-looking engagement ring, and many brides love the result. This design of the engagement ring also comes sometimes in two-tone colors, adding an even more distinct design to the ring. If you are not very fond of the oval eternity band, you could choose the eternity band instead. The options are limitless when you are choosing beautiful three-stone rings for your engagement. You are sure to find the one that suits you.



Halo 3 Stone Engagement Rings

One of the trendiest types of 3-stone engagement rings out there is the halo 3-stone engagement ring. Choosing one set on a pave band will give you so much more sparkle than any modern bride deserves. If you want an even bigger sparkle, you could consider on set on a 3-row diamond band. If you want to go big, why not go big, and shine. A sample of this unique halo 3-stone engagement ring features a halo on each side of the two stones, making it a most distinct ring that brides looking to stand out will love. You can also consider a 3 stone halo engagement ring with a classic round band or for something even more unique, a rose gold band.



Stylish & Modern Engagement Rings

These days lots of brides are aiming for more stylish and modern engagement rings. While the tradition is good, it’s nice to think outside of the box sometimes and find something different. These trendy three-stone engagement rings often come with a diamond center stone flanked by gemstones that add a bit of color to the design. So, whether you are choosing a three-stone round engagement ring or a three-stone engagement ring oval, it could feature rubies or sapphires as the two smaller stones. This would give your ring more color, sparkle, and appeal for a truly modern and uniquely styled engagement ring.


3-Stone Simple Engagement Rings

Simple 3-stone engagement rings are the most suitable choice for a minimalist bride or someone who just appreciates the beauty in simplicity. A minimalist three-stone ring design is one that often does not feature large stones or an intricate design. You could choose smaller stones for your ring and a simple band of three stones or none at all to fulfill your simple and minimalist desires for that ring that is uniquely you.



Round Cut Three Stone Rings

One of the most common and traditional designs for the three-stone engagement ring is the round cut design. It often features a round center stone with two stones flanking it, which together weigh the same as the center stone. This type of three-stone ring has perfect symmetry and is the best choice for someone who loves the conventional. Someone who has a classic style and might also be having a classic wedding. With three stone engagement ring settings, there is something for everyone.


3-Stone Vintage Rings

If you are drawn to vintage rings, then you are in for a fun time when choosing your engagement rings. These rings can be found from the Edwardian era right up to the mid-20th century, and they often come in exquisite designs of gemstones, white and yellow gold, or diamonds. The bands come in unique styles that are inarguably from another era and can often be found nowhere else. Some of these trilogy rings contain tinted diamonds that give the rings an extra glint. If you want something that will truly stand out, then an impressive vintage 3-stone ring might be the perfect choice for you.



3-Stone Rings With Colored Gemstones

Certain people overlook gemstones because they are considered to be of lower value and hardness. However, the right choice of a gemstone can make your ring truly stand out, and give it that unique look that most brides desire. While they may not be the hardest of stones, they are some of the most brilliant-looking. So, consider topaz, turquoise, aquamarine, rubies, sapphire, labradorite, and even citrine. You just might find the one that speaks to you and would be best for your engagement ring. If you would much prefer your birthstone, then even better. It would be of more meaning to you and you are sure to love it even more.


Rings In Chic Wedding Sets

Three stone engagement rings often symbolize the past present and future of a relationship. Apart from what it symbolizes, many brides choose this type of ring for its versatility of design. If you are a bride that would love rings in chic wedding sets, then you might be looking in the right place. Some of the most classy and chic looks come in diamonds, and as they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So, consider a trilogy ring of round or princess cut diamonds set atop two glittery pave bands. This is sure to give you the sparkle and shimmer that you desire.


Whatever you choose, you can be sure that you are choosing something unique that will set you apart. With this type of distinctive engagement ring, it is hard to go wrong.