Heating and Cooling Systems Inspections by Home Health Inspections LLC

Maintaining the health of your home’s heating an cooling systems has many benefits for you and your family. These systems in your home are responsible for circulating the air you breathe, and keeping the climate of your home comfortable.

A regular inspection of your heating an cooling equipment can give you the information you need to reduce allergens in your home, improve energy efficiency, and find necessary minor repairs before they become big fixes. Improvements in energy efficiency in your home, by itself, pays for this minor inspection service. 

What will be done during my HVAC inspection?

Heating and cooling systems inspections ensure that your climate control equipment is functioning properly. Our certified home inspectors will locate the sources of heating and cooling in your home and identify the method of circulation. We will inspect all of the installed major components of your systems, and their energy source. We will also ensure the operation of any thermostats in your home.

If any of these components are insufficient or inoperable we will include that information in your report.


When should my air systems inspection take place?

If your time is limited it doesn’t really matter what time of year the inspection takes place. We do, however, recomment inspections happening in the spring or fall if your schedule allows. These are transitional periods when you are likely about to use your heat or air conditioning for the first time after weeks or months or laying dormant. You are much better off finding any potential issues before circulating contaminated air, or running a system that is on the verge of breakdown.

Our certified home inspectors are here to work for you, around your schedule to get the job done. For any home inspection services near Hillsboro, Portland, Beaverton, Forest Grove, Cornelius, and other surrounding areas in Oregon, simply give us a call, or fill out our contact form below to find out more about our small business and the services we offer.


Is there anything I can do for myself to prevent any air systems issues in my home?

We always recommend relying on professionals to handle your heating and cooling system maintenance because doing it yourself could void your product warranties, or worse, end up causing issues that wouldn’t have surfaced if the labor was handled by a licensed professional.

Some things you can likely do without risking issues if you insist on doing some work yourself are replacing the filter on your HVAC unit at least once a year, maintaining the grass/foliage around your outdoor A.C. units, and clearing any debris found in the exterior vents, checking the exterior of your HVAC units for any visible damage, and maintaining the cleanliness of your duct systems in your home. 

Proper care, maintenance, and inspection of your heating and cooling systems will ensure the longevity of your equipment, promote healthy air quality in your home and prevent unexpected expenses in your home maintenance routine. 


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