Interior Home Inspection by Home Health Inspections LLC

It is usually pretty obvious if there are issues in the interior of your home, but there are some safety issues that can end up being overlooked if you are quickly evaluating a home for purchase. 

Some of these concerns are aesthetic while others are functional. Regardless, maintaining the value of your home depends on maintenance of all of these variables. Knowing the full scope of necessary renovations can help you manage your home improvement budget, and ensure balance between what you hope to improve, and what needs to be done to maintain a safe home. 

What can Home Health Inspections LLC do to help?

Our home inspectors are proudly certified by national and international organizations that ensure a specific standard of quality when offering home inspection services. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and are happy to assist with any inspection requirements as you go through the process of buying or selling your home.

We proudly serve many communities in Oregon including Portland, Hillsboro, Forest Grove, Beaverton, Cornelius as well as other surrounding areas. So give us a call if you need a home inspection in the Pacific Northwest, and we will assist where we can.

There are a bunch of home inspectors near me, why should I choose Home Health Inspections LLC?

Our team is committed to its community here in Oregon. Not only do we provide efficient and timely home inspections for you or your clients, but you can sleep well knowing that you are supporting a local small business.

Keeping our money local is more important now, than it has ever been. By joining arms with a small business like ours, you are directly impacting local commerce; by supporting Home Health Inspections LLC, you are supporting local families doing work for their community.


What to expect during your interior home inspection.

During the interior portion of your home inspection we will be mainly looking at the functionality of your homes features, including cabinetry and installed appliances. A complete breakdown of our procedures are as follows:

– We will inspect a representative number of windows and doors to ensure functionality.

– We will look for any major cracks or deformations of your floors, walls, and/or ceilings.

– We will inspect all of the steps, stairways and railings.

– We will take note of any issues with counter tops, and installed cabinetry.

– We will make sure that all garage doors, and installed openers are operating correctly.

– We will ensure correct operation of any installed refrigerators, waste disposals, microwaves, and dishwashers.

After the inspection is complete we will report any major issues that arise. Some examples include stairways with insufficient railing installation, malfunction of installed photo-electric safety sensors, or any fogging or other conditions implying broken window seals. Some of these issues, as small as they may seem, can be a burden on anyone’s home improvement budget if they were previously unaware of the issues.

Get peace of mind about the condition of a home you are buying or selling with a home inspection conducted by a certified professional. Not only does it protect your investment, it can also put lenders at ease to approve financing.

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