Radon Testing Conducted by Home Health Inspections LLC

According to the U.S. Surgeon General, radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer, losing out only to smoking. 

Due to the nature of the element, it is very difficult to test for radon exposure without special equipment and training. The fact is, we are all exposed to radon in the atmosphere. The issue arises in our homes when measures aren’t taken to properly disperse the Radon that naturally emits from the soil. In the air, the radon dissipates to more desirable levels (there is no good level of ionizing radiation, but it is inevitable), in your home, it could potentially get trapped under your home, and contaminate the air. 

What is radon, and why should I be worried?

Without going too deep down the chemical rabbit hole, radon is a chemical element. It is a colorless odorless gas that is produced when a couple of other radioactive chemical elements decay, and travels to the atmosphere through the soil.

Radon is just a part of life, you shouldn’t be worried, you should just make sure the proper measures are in place so radon levels don’t get too high in your home. We are happy to add radon testing to your existing service appointment, or stop out for a standalone service.

What to expect during your radon testing.

If you are receiving radon testing as a standalone service, the process is quick and easy. We will stop by and setup our commercial radon testing equipment along with some instructions on how to ensure you get the most accurate testing results. The equipment will be place at the lowest part of your home. Usually the basement, or somewhere where the equipment can be left undisturbed on your first floor.

Setup only takes a few minutes, but the equipment will remain in your home for at least two days. Once the testing is complete, we will schedule a convenient time for you to have us pick the equipment up, and leave you with a report of our findings.

If we happen to find that radon levels in your home are elevated, we can recoomend multiple contractors who specialize in radon mitigation system installations.


Why can’t I just use a do-it-yourself test from the hardware store?

Although these tests can give you an idea of whether or not your home has elevated radon levels, they are not completely accurate for a few reasons. First of all, these tests only test for radon, and nothing else. Our commercial equipment tests for radon, as well as external factors that can sway your test results (humidity, temperature, drafts in you home etc.).

Because these over the counter tests do not account for air movement, temperature, and humidity, they often report numbers much lower than the actual concentration of radon in your air, giving you a false sense of security while you and your family are still at risk for exposure.

Our commercial radon testing equipment will give you an accurate reading, or let us know if there are external factors that have affected the accuracy of the test. Trust our licensed professionals to handle the task, with equipment specially made to ensure you get an accurate portrayal of the safety (or risk) of the air in your home.

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