Roofing Inspections by Home Health Inspections LLC

When it comes to purchasing a home, it is in anybody’s best interest to have a certified home inspector take a look at the property to make sure that everything is as it seems. In fact, many lenders make it a requirement to have your home inspected by a professional before they will consider lending to you. 

In places with a temperate climate, a well maintained roof can last twenty years, or more. On the contrary, storm damage from high winds, heavy rain, or hail can cause damage to your roof that is difficult to see without proper training. These small issues can compound into much larger issues when left unchecked.

What we can do to ensure the health of your roof:

Routine inspections conducted by certified home inspectors can help to ensure the integrity of your roof, and overall safety of your home. Using non-invasive tools and techniques we can analyze multiple facets of your roof structure to help determine its current strength, as well as give some insight into potential repairs and maintenance, and the timeline that these things should happen on. Without proper maintenance and routine inspection you are putting your home at risk for larger issues. When potential problems that can be caused by a faulty roof are considered, the cost of inspection is fractional compared to repairs that become necessary if a structural failure occurs. 

The parts of your roof we will be examining:

During your roofing inspection we will be looking at the integrity of your roof as a whole. Included in this process is:

– Determining the building materials used for your roof, and their inherent lifespans. 

– Inspecting the drainage systems coming from your roof, including gutters and downspouts.

– Ensuring the flashing (thin material typically found wherever the roof meets a vertical surface) is in tact, and properly directing water away from potential problem areas.

– Checking the integrity of seams that may be created by roof features such as chimneys, skylights, or ventilation systems.

Better safe than sorry:

Repairs to a damaged roof can be a costly undertaking. It is because of this that lenders often require a roofing inspection before considering making the investment. It is also in the best interest of a potential home owner to ensure that their side of the investment is protected as well. The last thing you would want is to move into a property that was visibly sound, but had underlying issues that would be impossible to identify without proper tools and training. This can be a massive burden on the structural stability of your home, as well as your wallet. On the other side of the coin, the last thing you would want to do if you are selling your home, is put the new owners in any sort of danger that may have been unknown.

The peace of mind that a roof inspection carried out by a certified home inspector offers is well worth the minimal costs associated with a routine home inspection. We take pride in offering this service to our neighbors here in Hillsboro, Oregon, and other surrounding municipalities. So give us a call today, and schedule your home inspection so you can sleep well knowing you are protected from above. 


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